We bring together an experienced, knowledgeble team, who are also innovators in the cannabis packaging industry.

We will work with you to create the best eye catching packaging that will have your products noticed

We offer an extensive collection of specialty bags and boxes in an array of materials. We specialize in child-resistant options and can provide earth-friendly selections

We will provide a smooth transition from the manufacturer to our/your warehouse facility


Who We Are

Since deregulation, the demand for suitable safe and government approved packaging for cannabis and marijuana related products has soared, and due to our wealth of experience in the packaging industry, we were uniquely poised to provide fast and efficient services and products.

We are on a mission to disrupt the look of cannabis packaging by changing perceptions of what people think it should look like to what it CAN look like! Our extensive experience in beauty and health care packaging allow us to work in concert with each client to harmonize the legal packaging requirements in our industry with your company’s vision for your brand and product line.

As the industry sits at the intersection of medical and recreational we are entering into a very exciting time for packaging and branding opportunities.

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